About Us

About Us

My Home Roof Restoration: Australia’s Leader In Roofing
My Home Roof Restoration specializes in all forms of roofing services. With various teams operating in different cities, our roofing teams have completed 25 years in the industry. We have created one of the leading residential and commercial roofing companies in Australia. Our company has a wealth of experience in all aspects of the industry, from small repairs to large-scale roofing projects.

Our company is second to none, and we take great pride in that. We are professionals who put your roofing needs first because we know you need a safe roof over your head. We put our core service philosophy as “ Be A Roof Maker, Be A Part Of Every Home”. This makes our connection with every homeowner.

Our Teams And Achievements

  • Number Of Technicians – 100
  • Successful Roofing Done – 15034
  • Completed Years – 25
  • Saved Damaged Roofs – 5087

The only purpose of our roofing service is to make sure that your home or business looks as good as possible.


To be the first choice when someone needs any form of roofing service in Australia.


Our roof restoration service is the best in the industry as well as affordable for everyone. We are reliable, trustworthy and experienced professionals who know what it takes to get your roof back on track quickly so you can have peace of mind knowing that it won’t leak again! We offer our services to everyone who needs even emergency roof repair or same-day roof restoration.


We are committed to providing the best quality of service, and we are dedicated to our customers. Our roof repair specialists are certified and authorized roof repair specialists. We have been in the industry for more than 25 years.


To provide the best roof repair and restoration schedule. We will be happy to serve you with a wonderful experience with our service staff.

Our Idea– Long-Lasting Roofs In Australia

We cover almost all of the areas in Australia. We have been providing residential and commercial roofing services in Australia since 1998. Our service areas include Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Brisbane and Hobart. No one can beat our service quality as we work with professionalism and try to give completely satisfactory results.